Custom One of a Kind Antler Art

Antlers make a perfect one of a kind canvas provided by nature. There are no two antlers the same and the ivory like appearance make it perfect for carving and polishing. I incorporate the scene and wildlife into the shape and contours of the antler. I try to leave a good amount of antler unpainted so the uniqueness of the natural coloring of the antler can be appreciated. The antlers can be made into wall hangings or mantle and table pieces. When the antlers are dropped the base has a unique burr on it that is suitable for carving. These are made into various items including belt buckles, pen sets, lamps, or a decorative wall hanging or mantle piece.

The antler itself is amazing.  Antlers are shed each year. The antlers begin to grow in early spring and can grow more than a half a inch a day. They will be fully developed by August. This is when the velvet peels away and the antler emerges as a solid ivory like bone. In early December the antler will be cast off and a new one will start to grow. Each year the antlers increases in size and weight. The older the animal the bigger the antlers. I work on all size of shed moose, elk, and fallow deer antlers. For custom orders I usually have several to choose from and can find the approximate size you are looking for or we can use your own antler.

One of a kind Antler Buttons

Antlers as the Canvas